Star Citizen has shattered yet another stretch goal today, breaking the $28 million mark and securing the new Mustang starter ship.

New Starter Ship – The team at Consolidated Outland has decided to take Roberts Space Industries head on in 2944 by premiering the Mustang personal spacecraft. We will use these additional resources to create another ship company and starter ship for Star Citizen. The new ship will be offered for sale alongside the Aurora, so players have a choice between two options to begin the game!

While Star Citizen is already well on its way to busting its $29 million goal, Chris Roberts penned a new Letter from the Chairman to update fans on what lies next for Star Citizen’s development, and how the additional funding will aid in improving the game. Rather than offering up another single stretch goal, Roberts explained what Star Citizen will be getting if it hits additional million dollar goals and provided players with a poll to vote on which ship role the game will get at the $31 million mark.

"Every dollar improves the project. That isn’t as sexy as spending large amounts of money on impressive, headline-grabbing stretch goals… but it means a significantly better game in the end. So, for the next several stretch goals, we’re going to leave you with the knowledge that the money goes to improving all aspects of Star Citizen’s development. Instead of specifying some new development goal, we’re going to add a new ship to the game as a reward.

The design team has imagined a new set of Star Citizen ships, one from each of our big manufacturers. Each ship will have a new role to play in the Star Citizen universe, and unlocking these stretch goals will make it possible to go ahead and start building them. Since the M50 and 350R got us to this point, we’re starting with the Origin Jumpworks design. After that, it’s going to be up to you: the $31 million stretch goal ship will be decided by the poll below!"

Source: Letter from the Chairman

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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