Good news out of Cloud Imperium today for the Cult of Star Citizen. If you’re looking to get your Organization, Star Citizen’s version of a guild, established before its official launch, you’ll be able to start mustering the troops soon. While the game won’t be released for quite some time, Cloud Imperium have revealed plans to implement a new system to allow players the chance to form up their Organizations early and carry them over into the full game.

The new system is expected to enter testing later this month with a rollout tentatively planned for January. Once live, group leaders will be prompted to select a unique ID for their group. Once registered, they can then set up a customizable page on the Roberts Space Industries site. From there you can start recruiting and inviting members for your group as well as choose your Organization type and set member ranks.

If you’re concerned about losing your group name, fear not.

“We know that a lot of Citizens are concerned about keeping their existing group names in the new system. Like Community Monikers, Organization names will not be unique. An unlimited number of players can form groups named “Red Squadron.” Every organization WILL have a unique Spectrum ID (“SID”), a ten-character (all cap) alphanumeric designation. The SID will be used in the organization’s URL and will be displayed prominently with the name to distinguish similarly-named groups.”

As for other concerns relating to multi-naming issues, they did add this.

“Conflicts which arise will be treated on a case-by-case basis by the moderation team, with absolutely no tolerance for copycat or parody organizations. The archive of ‘recruiting threads’ in the Organizations subforum at the RSI site will be referred to determine claims of pre-existing organization ownership should the need arise. CIG will moderate public facing group areas for content, organizations will be responsible for moderating their private discussion areas.”

When the Organization system goes live, you can also expect a new XMPP-based chat system to come to the RSI website with it. This will transition to mobile devices and should improve the chat system by removing chat scroll and the single chat room restriction. If all that piqued your interest head over to the Star Citizen website to read the full update.

Source: Star Citizen Organizations

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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