Have you ever wanted to control up to nine PCs with one keyboard and mouse? If you need that much control, Stardock has a little something you may want to check out. The software development company recently launched Multiplicity 2.0, a new program that allows users to control up to 9 PCs with one mouse and keyboard. The program is available for 2 PC use for free with an upgrade package that enables up to 9 available for $39.99.

Check out the official press release along with video after the break and visit the Stardock website to learn more.

Multiplicity from Stardock: Control Multiple Computers with One Keyboard and Mouse

- Multiplicity 2.0 unveils new clipboard capabilities, centralized audio and security features delivering unique productivity benefits -

Plymouth, Michigan – SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 -- Stardock announced the availability of Multiplicity 2.0, their popular PC management software. Multiplicity 2.0 enables up to nine PCs to be controlled with only one keyboard and mouse. With capabilities far beyond what is possible with a physical KVM switch, Multiplicity’s features include the ability to seamlessly drag and drop of large files between PCs, copy and paste formatted content across multiple PCs, and the ability to send the audio from all PCs to one PC and a set of speakers.  The new Multiplicity 2.0 security features enable sensitive information to be entered and securely moved between PCs which can be a priority for financial, medical and call center operations.

Multiplicity is ideal for anyone who needs to control multiple PCs with a seamless workflow. It’s easy to setup, secure and backed by Stardock’s support team.


  • Send keyboard input to all computers simultaneously.
  • Quickly transfer data between your PCs efficiently with no file size limitations.
  • User data is always secure with AES-256 encryption and a customizable 200 character key.
  • Centralize multiple PC audio to one set of PC speakers.


  • Eliminate Extra Keyboards: Multiplicity gives you the ability to control and quickly switch between multiple computers with one keyboard and mouse, reducing complexity and freeing up desk space for more efficient uses.
  • Transfer Data Between Your PCs: Copy and paste any content between your PCs. Multiplicity even retains text formatting. Multiplicity also supports drag and drop of files and folders between your machines for quick transfers. Large files like videos and images are efficiently compressed for quick transfer between PCs.
  • Centralized Audio: Centralize audio from all of your PCs to a single PC and ensure you never miss an email, chat or stock price alert. This capability is perfect for financial asset trading environments and call centers.
  • Send Keyboard Inputs to All Computers: Multiplicity enables you to lock all of your PCs at once and pressing CTRL three times lets you send keyboard input to all connected PCs. This capability enables you to enter your password once and unlock all of your PCs.
  • Data Security: All data, including keyboard input and file transfers, is encrypted for additional security in sensitive work environments. Multiplicity's settings can also be locked to prevent unauthorized configuration changes.

 Multiplicity is free to use for control of two PCs. The upgrade to control up to nine PCs adds data transfer, data encryption and centralized audio capabilities for only $39.95 http://www.stardock.com/products/multiplicity/


  • Windows 7/8/Vista/XP
  • Windows 7/8/Vista for audio support
  • One monitor per computer minimum
  • Network connection between PCs


Stardock is one of the world’s leading developers and publisher of PC games and desktop enhancement software.  Its PC games include Sins of a Solar Empire, the highest rated and best-selling PC strategy game of 2008 as well as the critically acclaimed Galactic Civilizations series.  Its desktop software includes Object Desktop, ObjectDock, Fences Pro, WindowBlinds, DirectSkin OCX and a host of other programs for customizing the Windows experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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