It's been a long, strange trip for Stargate Worlds thus far, yet everything seems to have fallen together for the game and Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. The game now has an official publisher, FireSky, which is owned by the same people working on SGW. With a publisher firmly in place, most games can begin to really set their sights on the finish line. However, this announcement is even larger for SGW then a simple publishing deal, and it's in a gamer's best interest to get all the details about the operation. Thankfully, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has posted the entire press release, which includes pictures of all the executives involved. Also, make sure you check in with us later this week to get all the details concerning this deal!

“There is a degree of pressure to play a title after the fun factor has gone, simply because the investment is too great,” explained Mr. Nakamoto. “Gamers who invest time building characters, making friends and gathering resources typically have no ability to transfer this investment to a new experience. We’re working on a new set of ideals that will push online gaming past these barriers and into an era of portability.”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016