Recaps iz teh kewlest.

There's a recap of this weekend's Stargate Worlds developer chat on SG1-Radio at the official site.

Don't miss your chance to chat with a Stargate Worlds developer this weekend on SG1-Radio! World Builder Derek Sunshine will be appearaing on Zero Points Made with DJs Tenchi and Wraith ...

Join this weeks Zpm - Zero Points Made With DJTenchi, WraithGD, Scepter & BizarroDerek From CME. So Set your alarm clocks for ZPM, Thats 5pm EST ... this Saturday 3/08/08.

You'll be able to ask Derek questions directly by logging in to

Want to be a beta tester? Senior Community Manager Katie Postma recently revealed the best way to be noticed is on Stargate Worlds Forum -- get a forum account!

See more at the official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016