Street Gears rolls in with some exciting race track news. 8 of them to be exact with more planned through content updates as the game progresses.

Announced on the 8th of May, Street Gears, the upcoming free roller MMORPG of the gPotato Europe portal, unveils itself to the public. Gala Networks Europe unveils the functioning of the races and their different mods. Street Gears is still scheduled in open beta on the second half of June 2008.

The races are an important part of the gameplay of Street Gears. From the persistent city of Park Town, the players can go into exciting races on the different tracks available. Eight tracks will be available at the release of the game but frequent content addition will be made by the development team during the month after. The tracks are classified by difficulty in order to allow the less experienced riders to have as much fun as the most famous roller stars, and different game mods are available on each track.

The Speed Mod is aimed at riders starving for extreme sensations. In this mod, the necessary time to complete the acrobatic tricks is limited, but as a counterpart, each completed trick fills the power gauge which allows the rider to set off its speed boost more often. But be careful though, because a collision with a wall or another player during the speed boost might cause damage and penalties to the rider.

The Item Mod allows the riders to gather bonus objects on the track and use them to access victory. Around ten items are available, from the oil tank to disturb the competitors to the energizing beverage which fills the power gauge. Everything is useful to reach victory!

Victory of course brings experience gains, but the races also allow riders to complete quests given by various non-player characters of Park Town. These multiple quests give experience in order to gain new levels, but also new tricks and skills for the rider.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016