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RPGamer has a review of Sword of the New World's latest expansion, Manifest Destiny, posted.

While the core mechanics of the game have not changed, with the expansion comes the removal of the Lock Defend Mode option. This is what allowed players to automate nearly all of their play; however, in the long run it was not uncommon for veteran players to turn this option completely off even when it was available. This means that players who depended on this system will need to reacquaint themselves with how to enter defend mode (Ctrl-E or spacebar) and when (typically after moving or looting). Newcomers to the game really won't notice the difference, but those who played by spending the dominant amount of time AFK will likely be put out by the change. As of this review, a month after the change, people have either adapted or left, and thus the issue is mostly a point of interest.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016