Update 1.4 will bring a number of class balance changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) along with additional changes to crowd control abilities and PvP Resolve. This week Senior Designer Austin Peckenpaugh took some time to lay out the upcoming changes in a new developer blog which will make changes to the Electro Dart, Cryo Grenade, Electrocute and Force Stun abilities by changing their range to 10 meters. Other skills such as Flash Bang and Flash Grenade remain untouched but other changes will be included to Overload and Force Wave, allowing the skills to knock back all targets within a 15 meter range of a 120 degree frontal cone and no longer require an activation animation.

SWTOR's PvP Resolve will also be getting some changes to help avoid rapidly filling up the resolve bar with multiple crowd control abilities.

We’ve also made adjustments to the Resolve system in Game Update 1.4. We’ve adjusted the gain logic of Resolve such that simultaneous and overlapping control effects no longer linearly add together their Resolve gain values. Instead, using a crowd control ability on an already controlled target now applies reasonable Resolve gain values by comparing the incoming control effect to the greatest of existing control effects.

As a result of these Resolve changes, unorganized teams will no longer pay huge penalties for overlapping control effects at critical moments. For example, it can frustrate players when pickup groups accidentally make a Marauder immune to Control because two or more teammates tried to stun him at once. The resulting unstoppable wrecking ball that the attacker transforms into made for a pretty poor experience for players trying to escape him. Additionally, we don’t like it when a Huttball ball carrier gets “fed” full Resolve by a disorganized pickup group trying to stop him from scoring by simultaneously landing multiple Control effects.

Update 1.4 also includes a number of skill changes for Mercenaries & Commandos, Sorcerers & Sages and changes to Stealth gameplay.

Read the full update for all the latest details.

Source: Developer Update: Class Changes and Balance in Game Update 1.4

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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