Patch 3.3, which includes the Togruta as a playable race and Strongholds, is now delayed for an unspecified amount of time, most likely next maintence if I had to take a swing at a guess. This isn't that big of a deal, but for many SWTOR fans who really want to play a Togruta (costing 600 cartel coins), it'll put a damper on thier weekly plans.

We are running into some issues with Game Update 3.3, and so we are going to be delaying tonight's scheduled maintenance. It is still our goal to get out Game Update 3.3 as soon as possible. I will pass on more updates tomorrow. Again, there will be no maintenance tonight which will delay the launch of Game Update 3.3.

This does have an affect on some other things as well:

  • Bountry Contract Week is delayed until Game Update 3.3 goes live, and will only run until next Tuesday.
  • The Outer Rim Explorer's pack will still go live tomorrow.
  • The next Conquest will start on time, tomorrow.

Anyway, patch 3.3 is going to bring about a lot of really cool class changes, updates, etc. along with a new race and some other goodies. Instead of posting about it launching today, I'm simply telling you that it'll probably be out within a week, if not at next maintence. In the meantime, you can read over the patch notes here kind of. I'm sure they'll be different and there were motifications to the notes through the entire update pass.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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