If you just can’t get enough of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) on rails, get ready for Update 1.6. Space missions will be getting a few changes with the update along with the addition of new Heroic missions at level 50. Don’t let that confuse you; even though Heroics are usually multiplayer in all other SWTOR content, BioWare hasn’t quite worked that into the space rail shooter part yet, so you’ll still be flying solo. 1.6 will also add a number of other improvements to space missions such as better gear drops, new ship upgrades, a new missile and torpedo counter and improved performance for lower end machines.

These missions will be repeatable, incredibly challenging, and reward players who enjoy the current Space Missions. Our goal is to make these missions worthy of the most skilled players, and completing them, along with their Bonus Objectives, should test the greatest pilots. To help in this endeavor, players will also be able to get new upgrades for their ship, attainable through various means like trade skills and specialty vendors. The rewards for these missions will also be increased, and hopefully provide new motivations for players who want to improve their gear for use in Flashpoints and Operations.

Read more about the Heroic space missions in the latest SWTOR developer blog and check out our 1.6 Space Combat Impressions.

Source: Developer Update: Heroic Space Missions

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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