If you want to get a first look at what Bungie has planned for Year two of Destiny they are hosting a preview livestream on their Twitch.tv channel today at 11am PST. In the stream they plan on going over the major changes that the Taken King brings as well as what the entire next year holds for Destiny.

Much fuss was made about the levelling and weapon changes (especially the nerf to the Gjallahorn), so it will be interesting to hear why they were made from the developers themselves. 

Questions the Bungie themselves said they wil be answer are as follows:

How will your own personal highlights from the first year of Destiny translate to the second? What will your Guardian's lifestyle be like in the new and improved Tower? How will your Guardian become a more powerful snowflake over the course of your next journey? Is it true that Character Level and Light will rise in exciting new ways? All will be revealed and explained.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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