Ten Ton Hammer Writers Share Their Thoughts

I know it may sound a bit frightening, but I assure you that the writers here at Ten Ton Hammer are harmless...really. They've all had their shots and ...erm....on with the update!

  • Messiah's Digital Haven (6.19.06)
    Messiah gives us an update as he gets ready to head to Paris. Yes, that's Paris, France. Check it out and find out why he's headed overseas!
  • Lady Sirse (6.19.06)
    Lady Sirse gives us an update on her change of assignment here at Ten Ton Hammer as well as plans to continue a look at the secondary market. Check it out and jump on into the discussion!
  • Coyote (6.20.06)
    Coyote looks at laughter in a interesting way. Curious? You should be! Head over and check it out!

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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016