WAR and the Common Man

In the final part of Ten Ton Hammer's Games Day coverage, Garrett Fuller was fortunate enough to sit down with EA Mythic's top man and GM/VP, Mark Jacobs. With his experience and dearth of knowledge, Mark keeps an eye on the rest of the marketplace and the trends of the entire industry. In Garrett's interview, Mark discusses his visualization of Warhammer Online as well as some of the trends he is seeing in MMOGs today.

The next topic we discussed focused on the Elf races. "The High Elf / Dark Elf pairing is the lynch-pin pairing for the game," Mark said. With EA's help, they were able to improve on the zones and overhaul the work they had done. "EA was like, okay what do you need?" Mark replied. "I told them what I needed and they said yes." The support from EA has given Mark the backing he needs to truly perfect the game. With the Elves, Mark mentioned that with the previous two faction pairings (Dwarves/Greenskins, Empire/Chaos) now behind them they have a clear picture on where to go with the third.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016