Our own John Hoskin was able to take a look at Vanguard while he was at E3 last week. here are his first impressions of the game that we all feel will be the greatest MMO to date. Here's an excerpt of the article.

But is it the game that gamers want to play? That's really the reason we as media come to these events and try to portray what we see, hear and even feel into mere text for you read. How do I as a gamer perceive Vanguard: Saga of Heroes? Perception is a very personal attribute...and in Vanguard it's an important one. That's right, perception is a character attribute that has been built into each character in the game. As a character experiences the gameworld he or she "learns" from doing things. Just like in real life, as you use your skills in any given area they become more proficient. What is incredibly cool about Vanguard is that player characters can learn from observing NPCs. A magic-user for instance will be able to identify more hostile spells as his or her perception grows. Seeing the spell being cast on you by the Goblin sorcerer may hurt the first time, but as you learn how he is casting it you may eventually be able to identify the spell and then, watch out! Your level of perception might allow you to counter the spell or if your perception is high even turn it back upon the Goblin himself.

Well here you have it mates! I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did and we thank Travis and Darrin for the demo!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016