En Masse Entertainment has announced a new TERA Community Event set to kick off this Friday with Raiders of the Lost Egg, not to be confused with the more popular Raiders of the Lost Ark. Although having a TERA-themed mission that culminates in a gang of Nazis having their faces melted off by the Ark of the Covenant could always be good times.

TERA’s Raiders of the Lost Egg event will task players with hunting down caiman thieves and slaying them to acquire the eggs they carry, which come in three flavors: bronze, silver and gold. Each egg contains consumables, rare crystals, or whimsical accoutrements and the possibility of a more extravagant reward.

The event kicks off this Friday and will continue through July 8th, 2012. The one catch is that the events only take place at certain times. Monday through Friday, players can engage in the event from 5-9pm PDT and from midnight to 11:59pm PDT on Saturday and Sunday.

Check out the Raiders of the Lost Egg Community Events page for more details.

Source: TERA’s Raiders of the Lost Egg Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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