Not much stays secret in a game that is 10 years old and has 5 million or so players that are constantly on the alert. With fans combing game code to uncover every juicy tidbit, not much is missed. However, every once in awhile, developers manage to pull the wool over our eyes. Such is the case with Terky the Murloc. Once only available on Asian servers, Terky is now available for players on every server. That is not the surprising part. What is surprising is that this particular pet has been available since Patch 6.2.2 was first released over a month ago and it is just now that players are discovering this little secret for themselves.

The reason that Terky took so long to be discovered is twofold; developers hid the code well and they placed this adorable little guy in the desolate Borean Tundra, a zone that is rarely frequented in World of Warcraft today. If you wish to obtain This little murloc for yourself you will need to head to the Borean Tundra and head south to the waters near the Riplash Ruins.

Deep in the depths you will find a small crevice that can be difficult to find. Simply head to coordinates 56,88 and do a bit of swimming around to discover it.

Wiggle your way inside to find a cave that holds an alter. Behind the alter lies a pile of bones that contains an egg that is slightly hidden. Loot this egg and Terky will be yours.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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