London, United Kingdom (September 13, 2010) – Atari Europe, one of the world's most recognised publishers and producers of interactive entertainment, along with developer Eden Games, announced that the initial phase of its closed beta testing has begun and an elite group of dedicated beta testers have been chosen to help ensure Test Drive Unlimited 2 delivers the ultimate blend of exhilaration, open-world racing and luxurious, fast-lane lifestyle living. Test Drive Unlimited 2 will make its way onto European retail shelves in Q1 2011.

With TDU2’s patented Massively Open Online Racing® system, closed beta testers will be immersed with day/night cycles, changing weather and automatic updates of new content. As they help shape a revolution in multiplayer racing communities, players will compete, team up, and share their achievements and creations online.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 puts some of the world's most desirable vehicles in the player’s hands. These are flawlessly replicated and finely tuned with Eden's world-class driving technology and performance dynamics. Players define their online persona through the customization of their vehicles, and the acquisition of property, clothing and all the accoutrements of a luxurious car-based lifestyle. The challenge comes to life with the most expansive and comprehensive multiplayer offering of any driving game, on console as well as PC. All-new race types, vehicle classes, environmental challenges, locations and much more push this epic franchise to new levels of performance and luxury. The game’s soundtrack will feature music from some of the world’s hottest dance, alternative and indie rock acts, led by world famous DJ Paul Oakenfold, to make the Test Drive Unlimited 2 experience endemic to the Ibiza lifestyle.

In addition to racing and customising your character, players can participate in one of the largest and most comprehensive social multiplayer driving experiences through the creation of clubs comprised of friend networks that players build along the way.

Closed beta testers have been selected based on their knowledge of the racing genre, passion for video games, and gaming system requirements. The closed beta testing phase is based on the PC version of the game. Atari is still reviewing and confirming users’ eligibility and will invite more testers to this elite group via email with a download location and instructions for the closed beta client. All closed beta testers must agree to a non-disclosure agreement and complete the full beta application process online.

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About Eden Games

The second largest game development studio in France, Eden Games has achieved international recognition through the creation of games including V-Rally 1, 2 and 3, Need For Speed: Porsche, Kya: Dark Lineage, Titeuf, Test Drive Unlimited and Alone in the Dark. Base in Lyon, France, Eden Games is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari SA. For more information, please visit www.edengames.com

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