An offline MMO?

We often joke about single-player MMOs, but take away the player community from your average MMORPG, and what do you get? An agonizing single-player experience, the results of your labors during which no one will ever know about? Namco Bandai hopes the latest installment to their .hack series is received a little better than that. That's right .hack//G.U. is reputed to be the world's first offline MMO.

When describing hack//G.U.’s content, Brian Glazebrook, Localization Manager for .hack//G.U., told us to think of the content found in the previous series. “Imagine getting all the content, [from all those games], minus the grinding areas.” It’s going to be a huge game, he promises. “hack//G.U. is going to be a huge game. There’s so much content. This DVD is filled to the brim.”

More is necessarily better! That's the ticket. This game has all the hallmarks of success! Anyway, check out GameZone's article on upcoming single-player MMO: .hack//G.U. and see if you can make more sense out of it than I could.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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