It's the first game to release for the new service There are details up on the FAQ (llinked above) about the pricing plan (a hefty 19.95 a month) and pre-order perks (did I mention that hefty 19.95 a month?).

I read someplace there's a PreOrder, what will that get me?
PreOrdering is $19.95. PreOrder Perks include:
Discount: A 25% discount on the monthly subscription costs of MMO Center for one full year.
Closed Beta: Early access to our closed beta testing program, including the game client itself, the beta community website packed with inside information and exclusive contest just for pre-order subscribers.
Beta to Live Character Transfer: When MMO Center goes live with its first two games, The Chronicle and Machines, only characters belonging to pre-order subscribers will roll over into the release editions, saving them from being erased or reset. Get ahead. Stay ahead.
Customized Item: Instead of offering characters a stock special item that they often outgrow, pre-order customers will be able to customize a unique item that evolves along with their character. The items are very powerful, and the earlier you pre-order, the more powerful your custom item will be!

I'm sorry.. did I mention that 19.95 a month subscription plan? Whoah Nelly

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016