The launch trailer is here, which means we're only a week away until The Division goes live and floods the overrun city of New York with agents gunning for the best loot. While we didn;t get any information on how the events of the Division went down in the larger sense, we do see what the current state of thee greatest city in the world is. Huge gangs have divided up the city and steal from or murder any hapless folks who would have the misfortune of stumbling into their territory.

That's where you the Division agent come in. You'll be tasked with taking on overwhelming numbers and firepower to liberate the city from the gangs and restore some semblance of order. Of course I'm assuming that along the way we'll also uncover the mysteries of what events lead to the collapse of the world and how things are faring outside of New York.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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