The Escapist Takes On MMOs

The newest issue of The Escapist has been issued this morning with all of the articles focusing on MMOs!

In "To Catch a Farmer," Darius Kazemi makes his debut in The Escapist as an MMOG goldfarmer sleuth. Allen Varney brings to light the struggles of Asian MMOGs in the North American market in "The Korean Invasion." In "WoW's Magic Number," Dana Massey looks at World of WarCraft's effect, or lack thereof, on the overall MMOG market. Shawn Williams looks back on the truly gigantic world on Asheron's Call in "Putting the 'Massive' in 'Massively Multiplayer Online'." And in "Massive in the Morning," Michael Zenke interviews podcasters with an inside look at the MMOG revolution.

Check it out!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016