Blackrock Mountain has been a huge addition to Hearthstone, with multiple new cards and deck types coming out. The final wing, The Hidden Laboratory, is now available in the Americas (unfortunately, not just yet for European players) and more new cards are on their way, plus a new class-specific card for Paladins.

Culminating with the final boss fight against Nefarian (again), there are a total of five class-neutral cards that can be obtained, including the new Legendary, Nefarian himself. The new challenges are no cakewalk, with the Hearthstone community already buzzing about the best ways to take down these new AI opponents. With the final wing now released, it seems likely that the new metagame will truly start to take form as everyone has a chance to adjust to all the new cards available. Will these new cards help one of your existing decks, or inspire a new one?


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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