We here at Ten Ton Hammer have already taken a look at the personal side of personal stories in Guild Wars 2. Today we've got a detailed look at how the world plays a part in your character's personal story. We also have a few comments on the newly released FAQ from ArenaNet on personal stories.

Destiny’s Edge is also something that you can relate to. After all, many of us have gone on adventures with friends in MMOs, bonded with them, and then had something break all of us apart. We all are adventurers in the story and seeing other adventurers fall on hard times, even if they’re A.I., is something that we can actually understand. It’s something that’s beyond the realm of “find and slay 10 skeletons” when we never personally experience that out of the game.

Part 2 of "The Impact of Story" is now out. Don't forget to check out part one while you're at it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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