MMORPGs are a unique sort of game that depend on the bind of the community to survive. Are MMO gaming companies doing all that they can to nurture their communities, and do they hurt themselves (and their stats) by turning their backs to those that support their games? Does SOE support the EverQuest II community like they should?

During the ebbs of gaming, community is what keeps people from dropping ship and moving on to something more exciting. Community is what keeps people in games that have long since lost their flavor. Games that are nearly archaic in comparison to what is available now; Ultima Online, EverQuest I, and Asheron's Call, to name a few. These are games that have continued on in the wake of the more exciting and graphically more advanced games.

Savanja shares her point of view on communities and whether or not companies, like SOE, are doing all that they can to keep their own games alive through the bolstering of gaming communities.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016