The official ArenaNet blog has been updated again as part of Human Week. This time it goes over the military factions for Humans in GW2. It boils down to the Seraph, the Ministry Guard, and the Shining Blade. We already know the last one as the ones who brought down the White Mantle during the War in Kryta saga in Guild Wars Beyond but the other two are newer factions.

Basically it seems that the Seraph is the military arm or the basic grunt soldiers. The Ministry Guard is the elite soldiers that guard the government officials. The Shining Blade is more of a "ninja network" or spy agency directly under the Queen's command. The political structure and movements between the three factions is almost impossible to understand.

Overall the information is very interesting and makes it seem like the story will be amazing when it comes to Humans in GW2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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