Above & Beyond Technologies is taking The Repopulation to PAX East later this month, but that hasn’t deterred the devs from getting a lot of other things done for the game. In the February update, the devs reflect on recent additions and improvements to a number of key systems and features that include crafting, the UI, enemy AI, the combat systems, and quite a bit more.

"Artificial Intelligence also received a pass. Ranged NPCs will can now seek cover, kneel, or adjust position when they feel necessary. We also added improved dive and roll support to NPCs, and added additional species who can use them. We added a new flocking NPC AI type for herd or social animals. NPCs can now strafe, sprint, and fight from longer distances than was previously the case. Last but not least, we added variable threat detection systems which can change during battles allowing NPCs to select their targets based on different criteria such as Aggro, Proximity or Randomly. We have a number of additional AI improvements on the table, but we took a step in the right direction this month."

The Repopulation will be in attendance at PAX East in Boston, MA from March 22nd through March 23rd. Fans can expect to see a new trailer to coincide with the event.

Thanks to Marlon for the tip.

Source: The Repopulation February Update

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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