Things are about to pick up in The Secret World (TSW). Joel Bylos delivered his latest Letter from the Game Director this week to talk about the Issue #7: A Dream to Kill update and what’s in store for players beyond the next content patch. Bylos didn’t spend a lot of time recapping what he previously discussed for Issue #7, but he did confirm that it will be going live within the next few weeks. So we can file that one under the “soon” category.

Bylos’ update primarily focused on what lies beyond Issue #7, explaining that following the update's release that there will be a coming war for Agartha as filth spreads and threatens to corrupt the world tree. This will lead to events where players will fight to contain the filth, with each patch bringing a new phase of the event. The event will consist of both solo and group content that will lead up to the release of Issue #9, which will also coincide with the first anniversary of TSW. Bylos also hinted at “really cool things” that the devs have planned for the MMOG’s first anniversary.

Add to that teaser-filled update the upcoming Augmentation and customization systems scheduled to release with Issue #8, and there should be a little something for everyone.

Source: TSW Letter from the Game Director

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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