Myths, conspiracies and legends – Find out how Funcom will make it all happen in this week’s The Secret World (TSW) blog. This week Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos has posted his first blog detailing how Funcom plans to craft the intricate TSW world  n such a way that players feel like they’re really solving problems realistically and meeting challenges as they would in the real world.

One example is how the Illuminati chooses to recruit its members. You’ll need to actually find them yourself, that as Bylos explains, is the job interview. Players will interact with objects in the world that range from searching for a business in the Yellow Pages to checking out the Internet.

Just as you would be able to in the real world, you need to be able to *interact* in the Secret World. This means using the Yellow Pages to find a local business, taking phonecalls on your cellphone or just logging in to a pc to check email. All of these things are possible in the Secret World and each mechanic is designed to make you feel as though you are tackling problems the way that you would in the real world.

Source: BLOG: Creating a world between the cracks in reality

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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