Today we've had some news for Legion of Heroes, Marvel Heroes and World of Tanks. Hero-tastic! Tomorrow we'll have even more fun, which will have a smaller focus on heroes and a huge focus on costumes. Be sure to check back, especially if you like your MMOs getting spook-tastic. Until then, let's focus on what's happening today in MMO land.

Legion of Heroes

Legion of Heroes is an MMORPG put out by Nexon, which releases on the Google Play Store for Android devices on October 23. Nexon also plans on releasing Legion of Heroes for iOS devices in the future, but no date is known yet. Nexon states that they aim to provide “a PC-quality MMO experience for mobile devices” with Legion of Heroes. One thing I like that Nexon is doing is that they will have crossover servers once Legion of Heroes launches for iOS, rather than segregating players according to their device. Legion of Heroes offers guilds, over 100 dungeons, skills to level up, and full itemization.

Legion of Heroes is a high-fantasy epic tale where the Sovereign of Darkness is scheming to sink the world into chaos. Players will adventure across an expansive open world with a diversity of areas and terrains as they construct a team of heroes to do battle against an ancient evil bent on world domination.

World of Tanks, WoT Blitz, and WoT Xbox

Wargaming is releasing a World of Tanks Fury bundle as a tie-in to a new film coming out by Sony Pictures called Fury, which releases on October 17 in theaters. The bundle packs include an M4 Sherman Tank, and since it's what the main character, Wardaddy, commands, you can betcha that it's Fury-branded in World of Tanks. These packs will be available for purchase in North America across all World of Tanks clients from today, October 9, through October 29. Act fast if you want to drive the very same tank Brad Pitt does!

Wargaming says that they have other announcements, such as special missions, that will come out closer to Fury the movie's release. More information on bundles and platform-specific pricing can be found out at the individual sites:

Marvel Heroes

Much to the dismay of the Marvel Heroes community, a much criticized forum post was made today on the official forums by Doomsaw stating that Nova's release has been pushed back, due to Gazillion wanting more testing. The new proposed release date is October 17. He doesn't respond again in the rest of the thread, but people are wondering what that means for the timeline of heroes being released and if others will also be pushed back because of Nova's delay. Since Gazillion recently switched from releasing heroes towards the end of the month to the beginning of the month, another criticism is that Gazillion won't be able to keep up with this new schedule. Others are happy to get Nova without bugs.

In the not so sad face news, Gazillion has extended the date for Advance Pack 2's bonus. The Deluxe Edition, which comes with Early-Bird X-23 Bundle is now still available until Friday, October 17. If you were waiting on another paycheck before purchasing, extra time has been added on. Please do note that this bundle is available for the Deluxe Edition only, as the Standard does not have a current bundle offer. The Adventure Pack 2 Deluxe Edition comes with two mystery heroes as a bonus, twelve more Retcons, an extra costume for each of the twelve heroes, a H.E.R.B.I.E. pet, and other bonuses over the Standard Edition, all for $30 more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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