Get ready to tweak those Defiance builds. New changes to damage reduction sources such as shields, perks, and weapons will soon undergo some changes that will remove the option to stack damage reduction sources and allow players to only benefit from one source.

" Here’s an example: If a player has both the Detachment perk (12% damage resist after kill) and Juggernaut perk (15% damage resistance after melee kill). Players will only have 15% damage resistance after a melee kill, not 27% due to stacking Detachment and Juggernaut. Mind, if you have the legendary weapon mastery for 12% damage reduction while reloading, and you reload after that melee kill, you’d still have a brief resistance of 27%. This could be magnified even higher by adding a shield bonus."

The new changes are expected to release this week.

In addition to new damage reduction changes, Trion also announced new Tier 4 lockboxes, which will provide a better option of acquiring rare gear.

Tier 4 lockboxes will provide:

· Two weapons of rare or higher rarity

· One gear roll for rare or better gear including a chance of earning a charge blade

· One gear roll for rare or better gear with no chance of earning a charge blade

Sources: Damage Reduction Changes, Tier 4 Lockbox Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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