Timorous Deep is the newest starting zone added with the Rise of Kunark expansion. This huge zone consisting of three individual islands can be challenging to find your way through, but Ten Ton Hammer is here to help! Our zone guide will help you find your way by letting you know where to go and what to do. This first half of the guide provides you with a little bit of background on the zone and level 1-9 quests to get you started.

Timorous Deep is the newest starting zone for neutral races that are evil aligned and home to the recently added playable race, the Sarnak! Before the time of EverQuest II, many might remember it was the Kunarkian Ocean that held groupings of small islands. Now Timorous Deep is a group of 3 islands off of the continent of Kunark.

The islands are contained within one zone and you can travel freely between them via griffon or even by simply swimming between islands. Each island is has a specific level range making the early levels for those who start here fairly pain free and organized.

If you plan on adventuring in the new zone, then check out this guide!

We will soon be adding maps, level 10-20 quests, and advice on the best spots to grind out those levels so please check back soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016