If MMO publishers make up 25% of the list, is that a lot?

Game Developer Magazine's 6th annual Top 20 Publishers report has hit the stands (or at least Gamasutra) and the MMO industry is well represented. Considering that the number of MMO titles is a slight fraction of the overall games developed, cornering 25% of the top 20 isn't bad. Of course that is a generalization with some extrapolations and a dose of bias, but it is still a pretty strong showing.

There are seven MMO companies listed, but after you review it, you may notice an issue or two with a few of the listed companies:

#2 Electronic Arts
#3 Activision
#5 Sony Computer Entertainment
#10 Square Enix
#12 Vivendi Games
#15 NCsoft
#18 Codemasters

The list is comprised of data collected prior to the Vivendi Games/Activision merger, so really I shouldn't list Activision as an MMO developer, but next year the combined company should shake up the top three spots. Also, the list shows Sony Computer Entertainment but probably does not include Sony Online Entertainment (which was re-organized into SCE) which could have an impact next year as well.

For the rest of the list go to Gamasutra.

In more game-sale specific news, Kotaku is showing the NPD sales figures for the the third week in September and Warhammer Online held the first and third spot with the standard edition and collector's edition respectively, while World of Warcraft held fast inside the top ten at the ten spot.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016