Lich King still tops, Nancy Drew and LotRO go AWOL.

I stopped by and had a quick peek at the PC games sales chart (for the week of November 16-22) as I usually do every few weeks and I saw what I expected. Wrath of the Lich King is still on top of the list (and the collector's edition is ranked 9th), but there is a newcomer on there as well. The Everquest 2 expansion The Shadow Odyssey rolled in at number four. This is a decent showing considering the holiday shipping spree from developers has also dropped Left 4 Dead and another Call of Duty on the market. None of the previous surprised me, but one thing I noticed was the lack of Lord of the Rings Online's expansion The Mines of Moria.

Maybe the rest of you did what I did and bought the digital download which isn't covered in the weekly sales figures. Maybe Turbine outsmarted everyone and saved a bunch of trees in the process. We all know that Lich King broke all records of the modern gaming era, but Turbine may be quietly amassing some very low overhead success right behind our backs. The critical piece missing from this week's results is of course Nancy Drew who got kicked to the curb. Read the rest of the top ten at Shacknews.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016