Action RPG meets FPS in Tabula Rasa

Thurston "Ratboy" Hillman turns in this report after taking time to demo NCSoft's military based MMO Tabula Rasa. Find out his tips on dodgeball and how to handle "walking tanks of death" and more!

Apparently the pistol was not the best choice of weaponry to start with, as it did minimal damage to the walking tank-thing of death that was approaching my base. Using the “q” key to switch weapons (it just seems wrong to me!), I frantically searched for a weapon to deal with the oncoming machine of death, and nothing presented itself better then trusty Shotty McShotgun. Sadly, alien tank-things are almost immune to every type of weapon that you carry around, so even my futuristic boomstick gained me no advantage, and only brought attention to me in the form of aggro, followed by streams of high explosive rockets. If you ever go out to play dodge ball, don’t do it with a scary rocket armed tank monster, just stick with your elementary school bully.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016