Even more gamer street cred for 38 Studios

Travis McGeathy, lead designer of Everquest, has left SOE for 38 Studios. Here's the press release:

Maynard, MA, April 22, 2008 – Continuing to attract top industry
talent, 38 Studios (www.38studios.com), a pioneering entertainment
company dedicated to delivering a broad spectrum of entertainment
products, today announced the expansion of its industry-renowned
design team with the appointment of Travis McGeathy as systems design
lead. Travis hails from Sony Online Entertainment and joins his former
SOE co-workers at 38 Studios, Jason Roberts and Steve Danuser, who
have been laying the groundwork in IP and game development in year one
at the studio.

"38 Studios already boasts some heavy-hitting, pop-culture names with
R. A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane," said Brett Close, CEO and
President of 38 Studios. "In addition to these visionaries, 38 Studios
is extremely proud of the well-known and highly respected designers,
artists, and engineers we've attracted. Having Travis, Jason, and
Steve as the nucleus of our design team adds further credibility
within the industry, strengthening our commitment to deploying a
first-rate MMOG, and ensuring fans that we have the skill and
experience to deliver an Online Entertainment Experience like no

As systems design lead, McGeathy, known as "Rashere" in the online
gaming community, will oversee the team responsible for creating the
innovative gameplay mechanics that will bring to life the MMOG
codenamed "Copernicus." At SOE, he held the position of lead designer
on EverQuest and was responsible for the overall creative direction of
the product and management of its design team.

Danuser, also known as "Moorgard" in the online world, joined 38
Studios in 2006 as the director of community development and lead
content designer. He is establishing the foundation of 38 Studios'
community while directing creative development of the company's
upcoming MMOG. At SOE, he was the original community manager for
EverQuest II, founding and maintaining one of the strongest and most
vibrant communities in the MMOG space. He later moved into the role of
designer and contributed to expansion packs and live updates,
including the popular Echoes of Faydwer.

Design director Jason Roberts oversees the creative and technical
operations of the 38 Studios design department, ensuring that both
gameplay systems and creative content meld into a cohesive and
entertaining experience. Prior to joining 38 Studios in 2007, he was
lead designer of EverQuest II, providing guidance to the development
process of three expansions and three adventure packs, including
Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer.

Check out their website for more info on 38 Studios.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016