Hi-Rez Studios has announced dated its next big update for their online shooter, Tribes: Ascend just in time for the weekend. The update is now live and adds three new Capture-the-Flag maps, three new Arena maps, the Shocklance weapon, and more.

While you can unlock much of Tribes: Ascend’s content with devoted playing or through small microtransactions, Hi-Rez Studios has a brand new option for players to choose from with the new “Game of the Year” (GotY)package for Tribes: Ascend. The GotY package can be purchased for a one-time fee of $29.99 to unlock over 100 weapons, all 9 classes and all 21 perks. VIP members can also purchase the GotY package for 50% off via the Hi-Rez web store. The GotY package will also be available to players on Steam.

Patch notes for the latest update are available on the Tribes: Ascend forums. Check out the trailer below for a preview of the update.

At the end of the video below there is a link to the Hi-Rez devs celebrating the GotY announcement. Well, it's either that or someone spiked the punch bowl with the good stuff. The latter seems more likely but it’s worth giving a look if you need a good laugh.

Source: Patch Notes, Update Launch Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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