The End of Nations website has been taken offline once again and development has been put on hold (again) according to a Trion Worlds statement to Polygon.

"As we informed EON's community last fall, internal development on End of Nations was put on hold in late 2013 while we evaluated potential paths forward for the title," the Polygon statement read. "We're currently focusing the company's energy and creativity on Rift, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge and some new projects that we will be revealing soon."

End of Nations is a game that I kept tabs on regularly while my main job was handling news here at Ten Ton Hammer. Unfortunately, the news has been pretty dead since last August, which was the last post by anyone from the dev or community team according to daily checks on the Dev Tracker.

The game’s development has been on somewhat shaky ground for well over a year. Trion took the title back from Petroglyph in December 2012 and moved it development to its in-house studio in San Diego. In July 2013, the once promising MMORTS was revamped to jump on the increasingly popular MOBA bandwagon. The following August, Trion’s San Diego studio was closed after Scott Hartsman returned to the company as its new CEO.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but Trion’s statement doesn’t seem to imply that End of Nations will be returning anytime soon, if at all. And at this point, that might be a good thing.

Source: Polygon

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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