The RIFT community has been calling for more content not specifically aimed at raiding and 1.5 is aiming to deliver. Trion Worlds Community Manager James "Elrar" Nichols recently posted a 1.5 patch overview to the RIFT PTS forums with plenty of juicy details about the game’s next big content update.

Elrar opens the post with details about the Planar Attunement system that is set to go live with the 1.5 update and allow for players to continue progressing their character beyond level 50. Anything that grants experience beyond 50 will be applied to gaining Planar Attunement skills. Those familiar with EverQuest might see a similarity in this system to that of the Alternate Advancement sill system. Each time you ding, you get a point that can be spent in one of the new Planar Attunement skills.

Also included in the 1.5 update details are the new casual Chronicles content, which are level 50 instances set up for 1-2 players, Master Mode dungeons and Warfront Accolades.

For more details, check out Elrar’s full post on the RIFT forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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