Wild claims usually tend to be just posturing-- Buttler calls Kotick on it.

Bobby Kotick says it would take at least $500m to dethrone World of Warcraft. Trion CEO Lars Buttler says, "No way."

Trion World Network founder and CEO Lars Buttler has responded to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's suggestion that it would take a billion dollar investment to be competitive with World of Warcraft.

Speaking to an investor's conference, Kotick implied that a USD 500 million or USD 1 billion investment would not be enough to overtake World of Warcraft in the MMO space.

"We understand that Activision has to defend its merger and scare competition - but I have to call his bluff," Buttler told Game Daily.biz.

"We couldn't be more impressed with what Blizzard has started but WoW is just the beginning; it's pretty wild to suggest that there's only one team that could ever realize the potential of the connected era - and that there's no one out there that can deliver, no matter what the investment," Buttler said.

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[Via GamesIndustry.biz]

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016