Trion Worlds unveils Glyph, its new lightweight hub for digital PC games and other digital goods.

The new digital platform will introduce the more than 10 million players that have registered with Trion Worlds to a collection of games from the Trion library as well as numerous others. The platform is “intended to be player- and developer-friendly” and provided in DRM-free form for single player games.

The platform is expected to launch after the 2014 Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, which is scheduled to take place next week. See the full press release below.


Trion Introduces Its 10+ Million Players To Curated Selection of High Quality Games

Redwood Shores, CA – March 11th, 2014 – Trion Worlds, global developer and publisher of premium online games, has officially announced Glyph, a new lightweight digital hub for PC games and their digital goods. Glyph will introduce the more than 10 million players that have signed on with Trion Worlds to a curated collection of quality games, including Trion titles as well as games from hand-picked partners.

“In the past three years, we’ve reached more than 10 million gamers, supported 25 million transactions, and more than 50 million downloads have happened across our network,” said Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds. “This shows that we’ve got an audience of dedicated gamers along with the technology and tools to meet their appetites. We’re interested in making it easier for our players to discover games and developers we want to support, while boosting visibility for those developers in the increasingly crowded world of PC digital gaming.”

Trion will be looking for games that players will want to spend time with and developers that have both passion and promise, inviting them to benefit from the millions of dollars the company invests in marketing and promotion every year, and to make their titles more discoverable to the gamers that make up the 10+ million and growing registered Trion Worlds customers.

Glyph was born of a desire of Trion’s teams to leverage its technology to help more developers connect with audiences they need to in order to thrive, and is intended to be player- and developer-friendly. All titles sold through Glyph will be delivered free from the Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilities that cause so many problems for gamers, while single player games will not require an always-on connection in order to be played.

Glyph began signing select developers in early 2014, and is expected to release with its full slate of launch partners in the weeks following the 2014 Game Developers’ Conference in San Francisco. Developers who are interested in meeting at the conference are encouraged to contact Trion at [email protected].

Developers who are interested in distributing their games on Glyph are encouraged to contact us at [email protected].

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