The opposition to the heavy-handed Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) has gained another member with RIFT developer Trion Worlds. In a brief response to a post on the RIFT forums, Trion Worlds General Manager Scott Hartsman stated that the publisher does not support SOPA and that they'll be speaking with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) this week. The ESA is one of SOPA's biggest supporters and of which Trion Worlds is a member of along with a number of other developers.

Hi, folks - Extremely quick reply since I'm out on vacation:

We definitely do not support SOPA.

We’ll be calling the ESA about this after the holiday weekend.

- Scott

Sony has already found itself back in the crosshairs of the Internet hacktivist group known as Anonymous for their support of the legislation, which provides a method of closing down websites and support for a relatively broad claim as it relates to impeding on intellectual property. Sony's game divisions have since disappeared from the SOPA support list, but their music publishing divisions remain listed.

Source: Scott Hartsman on SOPA


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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