Funcom gave the fans a chance to have their music added to The Secret World (TSW) last month and many players answered the call. This week Funcom selected eleven submissions to be featured in the game. Despite initially aiming for only five selected winners from more than 300 submissions, Funcom was unable to narrow it down to less than eleven, so a few extra fans will have their work soon featured in TSW.

The new music will be added to TSW with the release of Issue #7 and at the in-game at the record shop in London along with a banner with the names of the winners. The music will also be heard on radios in several places such as The Raven’s Knock, Susie’s Diner, Kingsmouth, PC Bang in Seoul, and The Crusades nightclub in London.

For now, you can give each of the winning tracks a listen on TSW website.

Fans create music for The Secret World MMO – Hear the winners now

Last month Funcom announced a unique competition where the community could send in their own self-made music. The winning tunes would be implemented into The Secret World where they could be enjoyed by all the players in the game.

Funcom is excited to announce that The ‘Get your Music in the Game’ competition has been a great success, all thanks to the combined creative power of the games’ wonderful community. Funcom has received more than three hundred submissions, many of them containing several songs.

– “It has been very hard to choose the best music in this competition,” says Audio Director Simon Poole, “because we have received tons and tons of great stuff. I knew The Secret World had an awesome community, but this response has surpassed my wildest expectations. Since we have gotten so much great music we will put more new songs into the game than I first had planned, to share these treasures with the everyone who plays The Secret World.”

The winning songs will be heard on radios in The Secret World where their theme and genre fit with the surroundings.

However we wish to let everybody hear the winning songs right now. So check out the new article with the list of all the winners and their winning songs. Click the song titles to listen to them now.

Check out the News Story with the winning songs here

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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