In our daily MMOG Newsletter today we published a story further discussing our networks decision to pull gold adds from all our sites. The article also discusses the secondary market and its impact on MMO’s. We are reposting it here for further comments from WoW players that may not subscribe to our newsletter.

Our decision to drop advertising that benefits the secondary market (Gold sales predominantly) has created ripples around many game communities. So much so, that when I threw out the idea of keeping a master list of "Gold Free" sites I was drowned in a flood of e-mail asking that we make it happen.

Here's the deal, we can't run around checking on every site to see if they are "Gold Free". If you work for or run a "Gold Free" site drop me a line. We'll check it out and if things look on the up and up then we'll add you to the list. Our crack team of readers is sure to let us know if you slip up, so no cheating! In a perfect world, this list would become the place for publishers to visit when they had advertising dollars to spend and for readers to visit to insure they did not unknowingly promote sites owned by gold selling companies or who promote gold sales.

You can read the whole article here: TTH and Gold Sellers.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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