It's been a couple of weeks since we've had a Site Report, but an awesome fan con, a move halfway across the continent, a vacation and a tragedy later, and here we are! It feels good to be back. Mostly, you'll notice a great deal of what is happening into today's site report has to do with combat being put into Landmark. Some areas have been quieter, so it seems there is a bit of a balance there. We have folks from both TTH and eSportsMax at PAX for the next few days, so keep an eye out for anything rad coming out of Seattle!

EQ Hammer

If you haven't been very excited over EverQuest Next, or maybe you fell off the hype train recently due to lack of news specific to the game, well, it's time to hop back on and get some straight up excitement into your life. Shayalyn's coverage of Storybricks, a reactive world, living quests, and the Rohsong from SOE Live is definitely just the article you need to get the blood pumping. Warning: self-hype is highly possible after reading this.

Veluux discusses how SOE isn't just making another EverQuest-turned-WoW clone, since abandoning “EverQuest 3” and are instead, truly creating “Next” in more ways than one. The devs aren't just making another game, they're making a new game; one they want to play. Also, Veluux, please do graphics for me and stop rubbing salt in my Pantheon-sized wound! ;)

Are Landmark players becoming better builders? Fil sure thinks so. As many players have longer periods of time to experiment with builds, naturally they will become better at what they do. Also, the openness of Landmark means you can hang out with better builders easily to learn how you can improve your skills.

This week's Landmark's Extreme Homes has Wednesday's PvP patch in mind. Join Shayalyn as she takes us on a tour of some of the arenas ready and waiting for players to jump in and battle against one another.

This week highlights Landmark Live discussions surrounding mostly the PvP and combat that is now available in Landmark, including a mini-tutorial from Dave Georgeson. There are also some notes regarding PAX Prime and Dragon*Con, both which are happening this weekend. Why they're always the same weekend, we'll never know.

Veluux gives impressions on combat in Landmark, without giving a detailed opinion on it, because he's honest about combat being in its infancy here. Rather than go on and on about the current state of combat, which existed for one whole day before he published this article, he gives impressions on what it means to get a system so early on and what he expects will happen from here.

Fil brings up an interesting point here, and polled the community for input to see if he had support (he does). Will we see an open PvP island in Landmark? I hope so. I think it's a great idea, and the next logical step between what we have here and SOE putting mobs in. Not to mention, testing both open world PvP and large scale PvP is very important in the long run. Hopefully the devs are reading Fil's case here and we do see a full PvP island.


HyperX Invitational: Day One starts out with several bouts, yeilding to Theude vs Wuaschtsemme moving to Day Two for the winner's round for the first bracket. Day Two brings lower bracket runs, open invitee battles and Winner's Finals. Theude advances to the final slot for the upper bracket tourney.

LCS: We're moving through the NA semi-finals as the brackets towards the end of the championship fill up. Cloud 9 HyperX advances to one of the semi-finals brackets without a current opponent, while LMQ and Team SoloMid take on the second bracket. Despite Counter Logic Gaming's last minute bootcamp in Korea to tighten up their game, they were unprepared for Team Curse playing some of their best League of Legends games. Semi-finals are now Cloud 9 HyperX vs Team Curse and LMQ vs Team SoloMid.

This article's pretty interesting. It's really in-depth, going over predictions of what champions do what and why. From someone who very casually dabbles in MOBAs, I enjoy reading overviews like this and less about tournament stats. I know, I know, I'm not the catered crowd, but I'm pretty sure that's just fine.

Hearthstone's next content will be less adventure and more traditional trading card game, as it adds new booster packs. However, as Dylan points out, there are a lot of questions to be answered, since the only thing that's really known currently is that there will be roughly 100 new cards.

GG Master

If you've found yourself bored with your recent Dota 2 experiences or are just a person who likes a challenge, check out Greg's Top 5 Hardest Heroes to play to get your game up a notch. This article in particular isn't exactly a guide, but a good list of heroes that will spike your normal routine like a shot of whiskey to coffee.

Ever wanted to know how the Tribunal System in League of Legends works, or what happens when you report someone? I'm a little taken aback with the fact that anyone with a high enough account can sign up to be a part of the Tribunal, which is like a peer review of sorts. I guess I just don't trust the internet to be fair.

In Dylan's own words:

Naxxramas has given Warriors plenty of new components for their arsenal, including many sticky minions and friendly-fire capable effects, as is the case with the Death's Bite weapon and Unstable Ghoul! This guide will show you a few tips and tricks on how to use these new cards to fill your hand, gain health, and dominate the board with ease.

Interview with Nathan “Nathanias” Fabrikant, who is a Terran player from North America, for ROOT Gaming. While Nathanias is an accomplished player, he is better known as a caster. Here are his tips on becoming a better StarCraft 2 player.

Nidalee has a lot of utility and a large range of options that make her a wonderful asset. However, because her toolkit is so diverse, mastering her takes a little more time than your average champion. Greg walks you through how to improve your skills with this particular champion.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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