If you’re looking for an adventure in an Arabian Nights setting, look no further than Nadirim. Twisted Tribe today announced the official launch of the multiplayer Arabian fable. Players can begin their adventure in Nadirim for free and explore the lands and join forces with other players to take on the legions of Nadir and bring down the evil djinn.

Nadirim provides players with a character advancement system, a huge open-world with multiple zones, PvP opportunities and plenty of quests. Additionally, Twisted Tribes is already working on Nadirim’s first expansion.

You can sign up to play Nadirim for free on the official website.

Nadirim goes live

Budapest, Hungary - November 7, 2011

Twisted Tribe today announced the launch of Nadirim, an Arabian-themed fantasy multiplayer game that allows gamers to adventure through magical quests, battle djinns and other mythical creatures in solo or group fights and duel against fellow players. The game features unique content in the form of amazing tales and myths while also giving players fun and exciting gameplay.

Nadirim introduces a new Arabian theme and leads a new generation of multiplayer games by offering a captivating story, hand-drawn graphics, original music and challenging gameplay bringing together meaningful play for users.

“Nadirim gives players an unforgettable experience. That was always our main goal with the game and that is our mission as a company.” said Balazs Sipocz, Twisted Tribe’s CEO. “Nadirim is magic in the making!”

Beginning with just a small weapon and some basic armor, players are challenged to roam through the empire of Nadirim. Customizing their hero to their liking, while exploring the enchanted settings, players can join forces to defeat the legions of the Nadir, the evil djinn bringing darkness to a world where eternal sunshine has been present for generations. Nadirim game features include:

  • Unique, beautifully crafted hand-drawn graphics
  • Huge open world with multiple zones to explore
  • Hundreds of exciting quests and adventures
  • Character skills and spells, PvP duels and Group Fights

Twisted Tribe is already working on the first expansion of the game to bring new features and continuous improvements. Nadirim is available in English, but publishers plan to start localization this year to numerous languages in order to bring Nadirim closer to players worldwide.

About Twisted Tribe

Twisted Tribe is an emerging game developer and publishing company with a specific focus on online browser games. They are a young, creative team that strives to deliver superior gaming experience within a web browser.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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