Outsourcing your economy issues just got way easier.

There's a new turnkey solution out there for developers who don't want to deal with the hassle of designing and implementing their own economic systems in an MMOG.

Twofish, Inc. today launched Twofish Elements™, the game industry’s first turnkey solution for powering a dynamic and realistic in-game economy. A true Economic Engine, Twofish Elements integrates seamlessly into games, provides a flexible and secure banking and retail infrastructure, and puts complex economic analytics at a game operator’s fingertips.

The technology solves core problems with an emerging business model for the video game industry, in which games are distributed for free and players “pay-as-they-play,” making small in-game purchases called micro-transactions.

“Micro-transactions are here and now. But they require a whole new level of sophistication for the games industry,” said Lee Crawford, founder and CEO of Twofish. “Developers understand storytelling and character development, but most lack experience with financial markets and retail optimization. Twofish Elements fills in the knowledge gap, giving developers a robust solution that they can implement in weeks, rather than spending a year and millions of dollars to develop a partial solution on their own.”

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016