Take me out to the pwnage...

How about an MMO where you take the place of a baseball player, seeing the game from his perspective from the first pitch to the final, tobacco-laden spit? That, or something very close, is at your fingertips with Ultimate Baseball Online, a game just officially announced by developer Netamin. What's more, the game's impressing people - American sports network ESPN has apparently signed for the UBO/Netamin team. Here's more:

"Ultimate Baseball Online brings the 'team experience' to the sports gaming experience," said Andy Wang, president of Netamin. "A team of people playing against another team of real people is a much different experience than one person sitting alone in front of a console game playing against a computer."

To ensure a true baseball player experience, Darrell Evans, a two-time Major League All-Star ('73 & '74) and World Series winner (1985), serves as UBO's principle baseball consultant. "Ultimate Baseball Online, for me, is the closest thing to being back on the playing field," said Darrell Evans. "The mental part of baseball has finally been captured. UBO will give players a great appreciation for the fine points of each position, as well as an understanding of the teamwork that is involved in playing the sport of baseball successfully."

Baseball and birdcrap on the car - sure signs of Spring. Don't dare go outdoors - MMOs need you! Instead, check out Ultimate Baseball Online's official site. Did we mention the game is a free download?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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