Jeff Strain, a veteran of the gaming industry and one of the founders of ArenaNet, makers of the popular Guild Wars franchise, has announced the formation of Undead Labs, a new Seattle, Washington-based game development studio. That's not the only announcement to come out in this press release, Undead Labs is on a mission to create a Massively Multiplayer Online Zombie Game for console gamers.

When flesh-eating, shambling undead corpses invade Seattle, Undead Labs will probably be the ones responsible. Video game industry veteran Jeff Strain today announced the formation of Undead Labs, a Seattle, Washington-based game development studio that’s on a mission to take online gaming in bold new directions. Undead Labs’ sole focus will be to create the definitive massively multiplayer online zombie game (MMOZ) for console gamers. Nothing screams funny quite like wading into a group of rotting zombies with lawn chair and a box of sharpened #2 pencils, and nothing says fun quite like doing it with your friends, whether online or on your couch. Undead Labs is committed to bringing to life an MMO loaded with action, humor and, of course, a whole lotta zombies, because the world doesn’t need more dragons.

  • Read the full press release here.
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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