Here's an important message from Blizzard's Tyren, which was followed up on by Caydiem.

Tyren: Players caught intentionally gaining levels in unfinished areas/zones will be dealt with severely by the Game Master staff. This can provide players with an unfair leveling advantage, and will not be tolerated. Please take this as a fair warning.

Caydiem: Please don't panic, folks.

We're not going to give specific examples here because we don't want the more determined of you to go looking for these areas, but basically, you can tell an area is unfinished by:

1) A complete lack of population or points of interest
2) A population that acts in a manner that is unusual, such as high level elite monsters that have ~100HP
3) Guardians of Blizzard (mobs) in the area.

Should you get to an area like this, please leave it immediately. If you get there in a manner that was unintentional (such as a malfunctioning port) and do not know how to leave, please use your hearthstone to exit the area.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016