Blizzard posted some comments on upcoming changes to the Paladin class today that has sparked many comments. The changes affect other characters almost as much as the Paladin himself, so check it out:

A damage reduction of 15% was going to be applied to Forebearance in the upcoming patch. However, at a sort of last minute decision, the changes were pulled, but remained in the patch notes.

In context with Blessing of Protection, the damage reduction would have been applied to another player, which would not be something anybody wants, really.

Basically, we're testing the patch and making changes. Most of the Paladin changes have been pulled.

The currently active patch note is "The slowing affect from "Avenger's Shield" is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it." and that's it so far.

Now, the devs have been considering finding another path of damage reduction, but are not sure exactly what form it will take.

If your a Paladin and want your opinion heard head to the thread here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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